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On June 10, 2021, representatives of KBTU, headed by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Asel Kenesovna Dzhumaseitova, visited the LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia LLP’s factory.


Participants discussed the areas of KBTU LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia LLP cooperation:


• Possibilities of the Bekturov Institute of Chemistry;

• Opportunities of SCE;

• Career opportunities;

• Additional education;

• Academic opportunities for joint programs with the Russian State University of Oil and Gas of Gubkin;

• Projects of digitalization.


As a result of the discussion, a number of decisions were made:


1. Organize and support volunteer movements and initiatives;

2. To organize a Job Fair, guest lectures and master classes of the factory's professionals for KBTU students;

3. Cooperate on the basis of the laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry of Bekturov for measuring and making test connections;

4. Implement applied projects of cooperation in IT with I&IT and FIT;

5. To train and improve the qualifications of factory workers

6. To organize an industrial practice at Lukoil for students of the SCE KBTU.

7. Continue discussion of R&D projects and their implementation at the factory;

8. Organize an excursion to KBTU for LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia LLP representatives and discuss steps for cooperation.