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On July 4, 2021, a meeting was held between representatives of the Kazakh-British Technical University and KMG Engineering LLP.

The meeting was attended by: Acting Rector (Chairman of the Board) - Gabdullin M.T., Managing Director for Additional Education and Business Development - Tarenova Zh.M., Head of the Business Development Service - Ibraev A.M., General Director of KMG Engineering (Chairman of the Board) - Khasanov B.K., Advisor to the General Director - Kulekeyev Zh. A., Director of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP - Uteev R.N., Assistant to the General Director - Bazarbai N.

Reports on the topic of the meeting were presented, opportunities for cooperation between the parties were discussed, a tour to the laboratories represented at KBTU was conducted: Scientific and Educational Center for Materials Science and Corrosion Problems, Honeywell and Halyk Academy.

Following the meeting, an agreement was concluded between the Kazakh-British Technical University and KMG Engineering LLP on various aspects of cooperation.

It was decided:

1. To connect KBTU specialists to work on the ABAI information system;

2. To involve KBTU specialists in the development of new solutions and the use of artificial intelligence in production;

3. To attract 3-4 course IT-students for practice with the possibility of further employment in LLP "KMG Engineering", due to the shortage of IT specialists;

4. Launch joint master's programs in IT and related areas;

5. Restore and prepare a supervising program within the framework of master's programs;

6. Consider the possibility of training employees of the KMG Central Office in a number of competencies within the Department of Additional Education.

7. Cooperate in solving the issues of alternative energy, obtaining clean fuel from hydrocarbons, reducing emissions during their use, capturing, utilizing and storing sulfur dioxide in production;

8. Exchange information on a regular basis and connect KBTU and subsidiaries to work on R&D projects.