The 6th International School of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies is planned to be held on October 9-13, 2023 at the Kazakh-British Technical University at the address: st. Tole bi, 59 (Almaty).


School organizers:

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

RSE "Institute of Nuclear Physics" of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research;

Kazakh-British Technical University.


More than 50 scientists and specialists from 7 countries of the near and far abroad will take part in the school: the USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, etc. In total, 26 lectures will be held within the school.


At the 6th International School of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technology a famous scientist, specialist in the field of structural materials of nuclear facilities, Christoph Schafer - Senior Adviser for Relations with CERN Non-Member States will give a lecture. His report is devoted to a description of accelerator facilities at CERN: past, present and future.

The physics programs conducted at CERN will also be discussed; a report on the topic “Physics program of the Large Hadron Collider” will be presented by Victor Kim. The Higgs boson, the so-called God particle, was discovered and confirmed by the experiments at this collider.

Development of domestic accelerator technologies leads to a qualitative growth of the specialists in the relevant fields, which in the future will be involved in construction and operation of nuclear power plants in our country, the so-called human resources reserve for the future NPP. Also within the framework of the school, it is planned to discuss the relevance and advantages of NPP construction with the leading European scientists.

The presentations will be also provided by the representatives of international collaborations from CERN - NA62, NA64, Medicis, ISOLDE and ATLAS, as well as from the Brookhaven National Laboratory - DUNE. These are operating advanced experiments in their respective fields of particle physics and nuclear medicine.

Nuclear medicine is characterized by a number of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, that often has no other alternative. Imaging methods used in nuclear medicine are highly informative, accurate and are capable to detect structural and functional changes in organs and tissues almost at the cellular level. To date, diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals (RFPs) are used in almost all clinical areas of medicine. The examples of such transition include replacement of I-131 in diagnostic applications with I-123, as well as the active introduction of positron emission tomography.

Today, the Institute regularly produces (90% of total RFP production in the Republic of Kazakhstan) and supplies the specified RFP to medical institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the end of 2022, the production of radioactive isotopes increased by 114% compared to 2021. In 2022, cobalt-57 was supplied to Germany for the first time.

The International Advisory Council and the Organizing Committee of the School include leading scientists and specialists from many countries in the field of nuclear physics, nuclear energy and nuclear medicine.


RSE "Institute of Nuclear Physics"ME RK is a scientific organization engaged in the development of physical and applied scientific research, the use of atomic energy in various fields of nuclear physics and agriculture, and the training of highly qualified personnel. The uniqueness of the workbeing performedis that the Institute is carryingout a full cycle of research and development work, i.e. from fundamental research to the production cycle.

The results of fundamental research by the Institute's researchers were published in foreign world scientific publications and in 2022 the RSE INP ME RK took 1stplace among research institutes in the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of publicationsnumber.

The Institute of Nuclear Physics actively cooperates with the world's leading scientific centers in foreign countries, such as the USA, Russia, Japan, France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.


Detailed information is available on the website:

Venue of the International School:

Kazakh-British Technical University

(Almaty, 050000, st.Tole bi, 59)


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