On February 17, from 14:00 to 18:00, DAR DAY – KBTU will be held. On this day, master classes from DAR experts will take place.

Ardak Berdibekov, Senior Product Manager at DAR, will tell you how to create innovative products. Aidyn Toybaev, Chief Technical Officer at DAR, the topic of the speech will be «Product development: from idea to end user». Students can participate in the competition and win valuable prizes. The main prize is a 2-week internship at DAR.

DAR Day is a platform for the joint search and implementation of ideas with talented students of higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan. This is a unique opportunity to do an internship at DAR, get to know the realities of the business and gain valuable practical experience.

Competition mechanics:

Participants form a team and register via the link https://forms.gle/cNhh74nkKAqsoUUNA. 1 team - 1 registration. The number of participants in each team: from 1 to 5 people.

Tasks will be available to participants immediately after registration. Teams should prepare materials for the presentation in advance and develop their vision for the presentation of materials.

Directions for project implementation:

  1. Education
  2. Sport

The prototype or concept must meet the following requirements:

  1. The uniqueness of the idea. Solutions with a minimum number of analogues are welcome.
  2. Practical applicability. The proposed solution should solve practical problems.
  3. Making a presentation. The presentation of the participants should be concise, and structured, and the presence of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the study is welcome.

Technical requirements for the project protection:

  1. Format - presentation format. The number of slides is from 5 to 20 slides.
  2. Structural presentation of the material.
  3. The presentation of the conducted preliminary research is welcome in the materials.
  4. Technical proposal or options for the implementation of the proposed project.