February 16, 2023, from 12:00 -14:00 in the Al-Farabi Hall, KBTU, a guest lecture by Nazarbayev University Professor Dr Peyman Pourafshary is planned.

Peyman Pourafshary received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in Petroleum Engineering in 2007. He has worked as a Professor in Petroleum Engineering at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan since 2018. Before that, he worked in the Petroleum Engineering departments at Tehran University (Iran) and Sultan Qaboos University (Oman) for more than 10 years. Dr Pourafshary has been involved as the project manager, principal investigator, and consultant in different academic and industrial projects in the US, Iran, Oman, and Kazakhstan in reservoir engineering and production engineering. Most of these projects were related to developing new, cheap, and effective methods to reduce the oil recovery cost and improve oil production. Several research groups were formed, consisting of graduate students and industrial collaborators, under the supervision of Dr Pourafshary to work on experimental and modelling studies of EOR, production engineering, and stimulation. He has published more than 120 papers in high-ranked Journals. He is now the director of MSc and PhD Programs in Petroleum Engineering at Nazarbayev University and the Chair of Graduate Programs in the School of Mining and Geosciences.