Kazakh-British Technical University announces the holding of the traditional team chess tournament among the universities of Kazakhstan "Chess Semester at KBTU" in 2022. Each university has the right to field up to two teams to participate in the tournament, which will be held according to the rules of the International Chess Federation (FIDE). The team consists of bachelor’s and master’s students, three males and one female.


Schedule of the chess tournament:

17.11 13:00 Registration of arriving teams

17.11 14:00 Technical meeting of team captains

17.11 15:00 Grand opening

17.11 16:00 Rounds 1–3

18.11 15:00 Rounds 4–7

19.11 11:00 Rounds 8–9

19.11 15:00 Ceremonial closing


Copies of applications, certified by the seal of the relevant university / school, are sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and the original applications are submitted during the registration of teams. The application form and other documents are on the tournament page https://vk.com/chess_semester_kbtu