KBTU has CT (complex testing) courses in core disciplines.


Preparation for CT is carried out in two core disciplines of the selected educational program of KBTU and the mastering of prerequisite programs, when choosing a related specialty.


We offer a full and partial program:



Number of academic hours

per week (academic hour - 50 min.)

Number of academic hours

First profile subject

up to 6


Second core subject

up to 6



General list of specialized disciplines for CT preparation:


Educational program

Code and the name of educational program’s group

1st subject

2nd subject

Project management; Human resource management

M072 Management and administration


Business organization

Management Accounting

M073 Audit and taxation

Fundamentals of Accounting



M074 Finance, banking and insurance

Economic theory


Computing equipment and software; data science;

Software engineering;

IT management;

Computer Science and Big Data Analytics;

Mathematical and computer modeling

M094 Information


Algorithms and data structures


Industrial and systems engineering;

Electronics and control system

M100 Automation and control

Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering

Boiler plants and heat engines

Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics;

Smart cities and smart systems

M102 Robotics and Mechatronics

Basics of electronics

Integrated and microprocessor circuitry

Chemical Technology

organic substances

M097 Chemical

engineering and processes







Nanomaterials and


M108 Nanomaterials and



Basics of nanotechnology

Materials science and

new materials’ technology

М101 Materials science and

new materials’ technology


Molecular physics

Offshore engineering and shipping

M110 Marine Engineering and Technology

Fundamentals of the organization of service on ships

Theory and devices of the ship

Oil and gas business; Industrial project management and engineering

M115 Petroleum Engineering

Drilling oil and gas wells

Technology and technique of oil production

Geology and exploration of mineral deposits

M121 Geology

General and historical geology

Geology of mineral deposits



Format: Online (Miscrosoft Teams)

Registration: open all the time

Number of participants in one group: from 6 people.

Teachers: internal and external with work experience

Cost per course for one month: 25,000 tenge.

Course duration: 3-4 weeks.

Language of teaching: Russian



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +7 778 348 79 77 - Registration for the course is made by WhatsApp number.


The course is scheduled to start in April 2022, if there’ll be a group of up to 10 people.