Yekaterina Rekhert 

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2021 award

Graduation year: 2015

Programme: BSc in Economics and Management

“I received my BSc in Economics and Management from ISE, KBTU and University of London in 2015. I worked hard for it, but it keeps paying off generously even today. My degree gave me all I needed to kick start my career at top corporations: MARS, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. Strong fundamental knowledge of Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics later enabled me to become a Data Scientist. Today, I received a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2021 award as one of only 3000 top experts in the world. I attribute a critical part of my successes to my education. A world class education indeed!”



Assiya Veshagurova,

University of London Academic Achievement 2021 award

Graduation year: 2020

Programme: BSc Mathematics and Economics

“I love KBTU (ISE) because I was surrounded by very smart, cool, and motivating people. I am very grateful to the professors because they inspired me to be better. Most of the professors communicated with us on an equal footing and there was a feeling that in some sense they were your close friends for these 4 years. KBTU (ISE) is a great place if you want to choose an academic path in the future. Here you can do your own research on topics of interest to you. ISE students are very close-knit since we are together in sorrow and in joy.”



Ilyas Akhetov,

EBRD, LSE MSc in Finance (2017-2018).

Graduation year: 2017

Programme: BSc in Economics and Finance

"ISE is an exceptional institution, which provides a solid background for people willing to study abroad for graduate and postgraduate programs in top-notch universities or to work in international companies and organisations. The high quality of education, exposure to international standards and competitive environment make ISE a perfect place to develop marketable skills if you see yourself in finance, economics or data science. In terms of academic rigorousness, I found the level of program to be on par with LSE standards, which is not surprising given this institution designed courses studied by ISE students"