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Hofacker, Charles F.
   Digital marketing: communicating,selling and connecting / Hofacker Charles F. - USA : Edward Elgar, 2018. - 203p. : ill.,tabl. - ISBN 978-1-78811-5346 : 22100-00.
Ключевые слова: business, digital marketing, digital networks, Management, Marketing
Аннотация: In Section I we explore the background of the marketing concepts we study in this book, including some technical details as to how digital networks work, how we provide service over such networks, and the legal and ethical implications to marketers of providing such service. Along the way, we also take a look at the kinds of marketing data that are created by networked services, and how networks have changed marketing department and company internal operations. In Section II, the book moves into digital media from the point of view of marketing communications. It is the nature of such media that they are better suited for establishing relationships as compared to older, broadcast media. Information provided by a firm online is often a form of service, service that's provided to enhance the relationship between marketer and customer. Relationships are therefore emphasized in Section II, as are the principles by which we design these interactive services. In Section III, we explore new digital channels of distribution. Thus, the Internet, whether it is accessed on a computer or via a mobile device, can serve a retailing function, allowing for selling online. The online channel resembles offline channels in some ways, but is unique in others. I hope you will enjoy exploring these similarities and differences. In this section, we begin looking at consumer marketing and finish by studying business marketing.