Outgoing mobility

(For KBTU students)

Be a part of global academic community – become an exchange student abroad!


Background information

KBTU gives a wide range of opportunities for both students and teaching staff to be a part of its academic mobility programs. This means whether you are a current student or a lecturer or researcher, you can benefit from studying, carrying out research abroad or within Kazakhstan at one of our university-partners for a semester or for a year.  Your subjects taken there will be evaluated and transferred through ECTS, after which you will continue with your studies at KBTU. The same goes for a receiving institution before you depart for an exchange semester. Please, check the following link in order to find out more about the process http://adilet.zan.kz/rus/docs/V1100006976

All the procedures of exchange studies at any study levels are based on established international agreements (international programs, memorandums and agreements on cooperation, exchange and scholarship programs) or bilateral exchange agreements between KBTU and partner universities. All relevant expenses of mobility will be covered by student.

Selection criteria:

A special committee is formed for selecting students who apply for an exchange program.

Applicants should meet the following criteria.

  • An applicant must have a level of English (any other foreign language) required by a receiving university
  • An applicant must demonstrate a GPA level - not lower than 3.0, if not required above by a partner university

Applications for the academic mobility program take place in October (for the upcoming Spring semester) and in March (for the Upcoming autumn semester). Applications are accepted by the International Cooperation Department (ICD).

List of documents:

  1. A filled application form (to be downloaded, filled and signed)
  2. A filled questionnaire for Kazakhstani citizens (to be downloaded, filled and signed)
  3. A copy of passport
  4. The official transcript of KBTU (GPA level - not lower than 2.5, if not required above by a partner university);
  5. Language proficiency proof (one of the following):
    1. IELTS 5.5 – 6 (based on request of a partner institution)
    2. TOEFL 65 – 78 (based on request of a partner institution)
    3. KBTU Statement of Student Language Competence (with the signature of a teacher and stamp of KBTU’s Foundation Faculty)
  6. 2 recommendation letters
  7. Copies of certificates, certificates, diplomas, letters of appreciation (if available);

Additional documents will be required from the nominated students.

Follow the link to download to download the forms and samples (Application form, Questionnaire, Statement of Student Language Competence).