Exchange program "Mevlana"

The aim of the program is - an academic exchange between employees and students of Turkish higher educational institutions and higher educational institutions of other countries.

The Mevlan program is one of the main educational programs in Turkey.

Students can study abroad for one (minimum) or two (maximum) semesters.

Teachers can give lectures abroad from one week (minimum) to three months (maximum). Accordingly, thanks to this program, students and teachers can gain experience in teaching a foreign country and increase their level of knowledge.


Terms of participation in the Mevlan exchange program:

- to be a student of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies;

- for undergraduate students - Average mark (GPA) of at least 2.5 / 4.00;

- for graduate and doctoral students. Average score of at least 3.00 / 4.00;

- a certificate confirming knowledge of English or Turkish;

- First-year students of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in the first semester of study cannot participate in this program.


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