General Provisions


The Office of the Registrar (hereinafter referred to as the OR) is a structural subdivision of the Kazakh-British Technical University JSC (hereinafter referred to as KBTU or University) whose mission is to promote educational services of KBTU while maintaining an individual approach to each student. The strategic goal of the OR activity is to ensure improvement of the quality of education in the training of highly-qualified, competitive specialists in the modern labor market. The OR is headed by the Chief of the OR, who is appointed and dismissed by the order of the Rector of KBTU.


In its activities the OR is guided by:

- KBTU Policy and Objectives in quality assurance;

- current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Charter of JSC "KBTU";

- Quality management guidelines of JSC "KBTU" and other normative documents of the quality management system (QMS) of the University;

- KBTU orders and instructions;

- Rules of credit technology of education in joint-stock company "KBTU";

- Provision of OR and other internal documents of KBTU.

The OR performs its activities in accordance with the annual work plans.


Main objectives:

Assistance to educational units in the organization of educational and methodical process in KBTU. Development of professional and methodological competence of teachers by means of seminars, round-table discussions on new methods of teaching as well as innovations in integrating the achievements of science into the practice of teaching higher school disciplines. Promoting full development of the personality and providing   social and psychological support, assistance in the formation of professionally-oriented qualities of the students. Implementation of the Policy and Objectives of JSC KBTU in quality assurance.


Functions of the Office of the Registrar

The OR performs the following functions:


Develops drafts of KBTU normative documents on the activities of the OR.

Prepares reports, letters, summaries, other information on the activities of the OR. The OR develops annual work plans and activity reports, submits them for approval in accordance with the established procedure. It performs other functions stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal documents of KBTU.


Student registration sector:


Maintains control over registration on the disciplines for  a semester and formation of the lesson schedule of the students. Manages the approval process of  individual study plans for students. Prepares information about personal and academic data of students at the University. Controls calculation of the grade point average (GPA). Controls the "Students" registration database. Provides the university staff with methodological and practical assistance in processing information in the UNINET corporate portal; cooperates with the KBTU IT Department on the improvement of the automated system "Registrar's Office". Collects examination grade transcripts  during exams. Summarizes the results of examination sessions, prepares a report on the results of examination sessions in No. 34 Form of the university and sends it to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan; keeps records of the student contingent movement in designed forms and by departments. Compiles reports (operational and summary form 1-NC, 3-NC), submits to the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan appropriate reference information on the contingent of trainees. Keeps records of freed placement seats on state educational grants. Organizes a summer semester to eliminate academic gap in or a difference in the curriculum.

Carries out reception, storage and records of personal affairs of students. Prepares orders for the movement of the student contingent. Provides blank forms of mandatory  reporting documents (diploma forms, academic certificates, attachments to diplomas, etc.). Monitors organization of receiving, storing and issuing of state documents (diploma, academic certificates, attachments to diplomas, etc.)


Sector for Academic Affairs:


Plans educational and methodological activities in KBTU together with other educational departments. Coordinates and controls the timely execution of Academic calendars. Controls planning and implementation of the teaching load of teachers in accordance with established standards. Keeps the account of the University lecture rooms and laboratory facilities. Manages distribution of the lecture halls for conducting study sessions, examinations, office hours, independent work of students. Carries out an operative and one-time use of free lecture rooms under demand. Develops a schedule of bachelor's studies. Checks calculation of the academic load of the departments and the correctness of the distribution of  the load among the faculty. Verifies the actual performance of the academic load of the departments. Distributes the lecture halls for conducting Master classes. Informs educational departments about the registration data of students on the disciplines. Corrects the registration of students on their requests during the add/drop period. Develops a schedule of bachelor examinations. Distributes the lecture halls for conducting state examinations and the work of the specialty-specific State Attestation Commission on specialties.


Authority of the Registrar's Office



Request and receive from KBTU structural units the documents and materials necessary to carry out tasks and carry out the functions assigned to the OR. In agreement with the KBTU administration, to involve employees of KBTU structural divisions in preparation and conducting of events organized by the OR in accordance with the duties assigned to it. Participate in the specialized conferences, seminars and councils of the university and its departments regarding  the activities of the OR. Make suggestions to the KBTU leadership on the improvement of the teaching and methodological work of the KBTU divisions. If necessary, initiate workshops, organize working groups concerning issues within the competence of the OR, and participate in other meetings, working groups held at the university on the activities of the OR. Establish professional contacts with enterprises on the profile of KBTU, universities, international organizations, and NGOs for effective implementation of the goals; To carry out other actions within the competence of the OR, other regulatory documents and decisions of the management bodies of JSC KBTU.


Responsibility of the Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the proper performance of the assigned tasks and functions provided in this Regulation, including:

- quality and timeliness of execution;

- the correctness and completeness of the use of the given mandate;

- fulfillment of obligations in the field of quality and QMS requirements;

- timeliness of informing the university management about the current progress in the performance of the assigned functions.


Interaction with other structural divisions


In the course of its activities, the OR:

interacts with other structural subdivisions, subsidiaries and partners of KBTU, as well as with state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and individuals within the limits of its powers;

Coordinates drafts of normative documents to be prepared on the activities of the OR with the heads of interested structural units, and university officials;

in agreement with the university management, encourages employees of KBTU structural divisions to implement activities organized / conducted by the OR requiring participation of other structural units.



Nurgaliyeva Akbota Umirzakovna

Head of the Office of the Registrar

Phone +7 (727) 357-42-81

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.