The Center for Postgraduate Education at the Kazakh-British Technical University ensures that the academic standards are followed and the quality is maintained in all masters and PhD programs. The Center monitors and reviews the functioning of the postgraduate programs and recommends improvements.


We train highly qualified practitioners and academics who contribute in building a knowledge society nationally and internationally; facilitation and assistance in the creation of a competitive education system in Kazakhstan; assistance in understanding the needs of priority industries.


The Center is the focal point for the coordination of educational, research and practical work of graduates and PhD scholars. It seeks innovative ways and areas of scientific and practical cooperation. The Center assists KBTU faculties and programs in expanding their academic and professional contact networks. It acts as a bridge between the KBTU and the outside world, particularly in the academic and business circles. The Center attracts technical experts, specialists and business leaders to KBTU from Kazakhstan and also from around the world. We aim to introduce and develop multidisciplinary and integrated approach in our teaching, learning and research activities and train specialists with integrated thinking, multiple skills and global vision.


Main Functions

1. The organization, coordination and facilitation of postgraduate education processes.

2. Providing graduate and doctoral specialties regulatory documents governing the educational process.

3. Participation in the development of intra-university regulatory documents on postgraduate education.

4. Ensuring the compliance of the state standards on graduate and doctoral programs in working curricula of the KBTU graduate and doctoral programs.

5. Coordinating internships and academic mobility programs for graduates and doctoral students.

6. Organization and control of the final certification.

7. Preparation of documents, in consultation with the faculties and research centers, for the establishment/formation of dissertation councils for graduate and doctoral programs. Facilitating the dissertation councils in their work.

8. Working together with the faculties and research centers in preparing documents for obtaining licenses for the launch of new graduate and doctoral programs.


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Postgraduate Study Office

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