Masters Programs

We offer master’s degree programs in the following areas.

1: Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry

2: Faculty of Geology and Exploration

3: Faculty of Information Technology


 Data analysis (experimental program from the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan)

 Financial technology and data analysis (with the banking sector

 Cybersecurity

Data analysis in economics and social sciences

4: Business School


 Oil and gas sector

 Finance

 Leadership

 Environmental management

 Financial analysis

 Project Management


 Project Management

 Supply Management


5: School of Mathematics and Cybernetics


7: Center of Chemical Engineeringg


8: Center of Alternative Energy and Nanotechnologies


Admission Criteria

The Kazakh-British Technical University offers master's programs and awards of master’s degree in the relevant educational program, differing in requirements and terms of training. We accept graduate students of higher educational institutions with the relevant diplomas of education. At the same time, according to the legislation of Kazakhstan, documents issued by foreign universities are subject to a mandatory nostrification procedure, at least during the first academic period of study.

Applicants who would like to get a master's degree in programs that do not coincide with the specialty of undergraduate, can be enrolled, but subject to the prerequisites (compulsory disciplines). These subjects are taught for a fee.

Applicants entering a master’s program in the English language should also undergo comprehensive testing, which includes a test of the profile of a group of educational programs in English and a test to determine readiness for studying in Kazakh or Russian (optional).

Applicants entering the program with the Russian language of instruction, pass complex testing for groups of educational programs. It consists of tests in a foreign language, in the profile of a group of educational programs, in determining readiness for learning.


For more information please contact:

Postgraduate Study Office

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