On the basis of the Faculty of Information Technologies, two laboratories were opened: "Robotics and Mechatronics" and "Electronics and Electrical Engineering".

The Robotics and Mechatronics laboratory contains educational robotic systems that include four-axis manipulators, conveyor belts with the ability to connect all types of sensors and VEX mobile robots. It is used to reinforce skills across disciplines: Introduction to Robotics, Industrial Robotic Operations, Robotics in Manufacturing, and Introduction to Microcontrollers.

In the laboratory "Electronics and Electrical Engineering" equipment is available that will help students master Foundations of Electrical Engineering I, II and Electronics and Digital Design.

Alibek Saparbekovich Bisembaev, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technologies:

“As a leading university, we strive to provide our students with cutting edge technology to develop their practical skills. This motivates students to deepen their knowledge not only in their field, but also in other areas.

The Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory was created in conjunction with our strategic partners - KUKA and Quant Robotics. The robots that the laboratory is equipped with are completely the same as those that fulfill production goals in large enterprises. The next step is to conduct research and development work to create real prototypes of products for enterprises.

This year we are actively developing areas of robotics and mechatronics. The task of this laboratory is to receive more projects from manufacturing companies so that design and test experiments are set for their full deployment in production.

Students highly appreciated the level of automation, detailed design and intuitive control scheme for laboratory equipment.

In these laboratories, exams will also be held. We also plan to conduct international certification in mechatronics and robotics, because it is the prototype assembly that requires more specific and detailed training so that students can freely work on this equipment".

Muratbek Altynbekovich Bulganbaev, Senior Lector of the Faculty of Information Technologies:

“These two laboratories, in my opinion, are a very significant step in the fields of electronics and robotics. If we do not stop development, then we can predict that we will be able to raise irreplaceable engineers in this area who will be able to produce a domestic product. I expect that the interest of today's youth in science will increase. And that laboratories will always be busy with both industrial and scientific projects".