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KBTU has opened the courses to prepare for the UNT in specialized and core subjects:

1.      Mathematics *

2.      Physics *

3.      Geography *

4.      Chemistry *

5.       History of Kazakhstan **

6.       Reading literacy **

7.       Mathematical literacy * *


specialized subjects *

core subjects **



- experienced teachers

- groups with Kazakh and Russian language of education

- flexible training schedule (online: in the morning, in the evening)

- affordable prices

Format: online interactive session with the teacher,

Platform: Microsoft Teams

Amount of academic hours per week:

- core subject – 1,5 hours

- specialized subject – 3 hours



The price for one core subject12 000 KZT per month.

The price for one specialized subject24 000 KZT per month.



Contact details:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The number of students in the group is determined depending on the level of training of the student, the schedule of classes is drawn up. During the training, a trial test is conducted in an Online Format. The training material is provided in electronic form.