Greeting of the head of SEC MSaCР


Dear applicants! We are glad to welcome you on behalf of the new scientific and educational center "Materials Science and Corrosion Problems". Studying at our scientific and educational center will give you the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge in various fields of materials science and corrosion. Of course, this is, at first glance, a complex area of knowledge. However, already mastering the subjects in the main curricula, masteringknowledge in natural sciences disciplines will allow you to independently to understand and navigate well in various fields of human activity, including chemical engineering, metallurgy, industrial production of metal products, ceramics and other types of primary raw materials. We want our graduates to be in demand not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also in the near and far abroad.


Sincerely, Sharipov Rustam

Head of SEC MSaCS


"Advanced Materials and Technologies" was established in 2012 and is a structural subdivision of the Kazakhstan-British Technical University. The laboratory passed the accreditation procedure in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan: TL is accredited for technical competence and independence and meets the requirements of  ISO/1EC17025-2007 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" (Accreditation Certificate No. KZ.I.02.1380 from "25 "April 2013).




The main purpose of the laboratory is to conduct basic research in the field of natural sciences, chemical technology, petrochemistry and metallurgy.

The goal of applied research is the development of innovative technical solutions in chemical technology, materials science, petrochemistry, metalworking and metallurgy. In particular, technologies have been proposed for extracting various metals from existing multicomponent mineral raw materials, secondary raw materials, industrial wastes and household appliances. The scientific basis for the improvement of technologies in hydro - and pyrometallurgy was created. Made the groundwork to improve the quality of motor fuels.


The activity of the laboratory is aimed at supplementing and expanding the existing ideas about structural and energetic compliance in the material world and developing innovative technical solutions in chemical technology, materials science, petrochemistry, metalworking and metallurgy.


The main directions


1. Fundamental research in the field of thermodynamics of chemical and physicochemical processes, the mechanism of heat transfer between material objects, the definition of structural transformations in inorganic aqueous solutions and oxide melts.

2. Investigations of the physicochemical processes that occur in systems when fluid moves at the solid / liquid interface.

3. Development of technical solutions based on the results of basic research.




1) Development of scientific foundations for the creation of technology for etching metals without the formation of etching solutions that require neutralization.

2) Investigation of the effect of changes in the microstructure of inorganic aqueous solutions and organic liquids on their physical and technical characteristics affecting the performance of technological processes.

3) Investigation of triboelectric effects at the metal / organic liquids boundary (oil, fuel oil, etc.) in order to determine their effect on the corrosion of pipeline metals.

4) Development of technology for the extraction of metals from various metal-containing raw materials using combined electrochemical reactions.

5) Production of environmentally friendly polyurethane spraying, as an anti-corrosion agent used for coating surfaces.




Basic equipment:

• Atomic absorption spectrometer with a source of radiation of a continuous spectrum of the series "contr AA"

Dual Channel NMR Nanalysis NMReady-60 PRO 13C Spectrometer 1 H / 13C.

• Gas chromatograph MASTER GC "DANI Instruments S.P.A."

• INSPECTOR, SERIES, ALNPA SERIES X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

• Metrohm automatic meter

• Analyzer of quality of oil products "Octanometer SHATOX-SX-100M"

• ALPHA FTIR spectrometer

• Rheometer RHEOLAB QC

• Automated metallographic microscopic complex

• X-ray complex





Sharipov Rustam

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