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Dear applicant!

Welcome to the KBTU School of Mathematics and Cybernetics (SMC)!


A degree in mathematics and applied mathematics opens doors to solid and successful career because mathematics is the foundation of everything. The SMC is one of the youngest faculties of the KBTU. We are proud of our strong faculty and popular programs. While studying at the SMC, students gain fundamental knowledge of mathematics and its various applications, practice high-performance computing, and participate in research seminars and projects. In addition, our students have the opportunity to study optimal management and learn to make effective management decisions.


We have bachelors and masters programs in “Mathematical and Computer Modeling” and also offer PhD study in the same specialty. In addition, there is a dissertation council for the defense of doctoral theses in the specialty “Mathematical and Computer Modeling”.


At KBTU, we believe in integrated teaching and learning approach and offer interdisciplinary learning programs. As a student, you will have the opportunity to study both the basic and elective courses at the SMC and also at the other schools of the KBTU. This interdisciplinary education will diversify your knowledge and learning experience. Moreover, the acquired knowledge and the desire for continuous self-improvement will help you to adapt in future work, since in the future universal specialists will be more in demand.

Assylbek Issakhov

Dean of the SMC



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Postgraduate Courses