Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering is a 4-year program at the Kazakh British Technical University. Since 2001 we have been preparing professionals for the oil and gas sector. Our modern and structured curriculum helps the student to acquire knowledge and develop necessary skills, including problem solving skills, which are essential for working in a multidisciplinary team environment in the oil and gas industry. The language of instruction is English thus our graduates can work for national and international companies in Kazakhstan and abroad.


At graduation, the student will know all the aspects of petroleum industry, including geology, geophysics, drilling, production, reservoir engineering, reservoir modeling, reservoir simulation, well testing and surface production gathering facilities. The program is very quantitative, hence we expect our students to have solid understanding of mathematics.


During the first and the second year, the student learns general education subjects such as languages, history, philosophy and also study engineering subjects---math, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and hydraulics. In the third and fourth years, the student study disciplines related to petroleum engineering specialization. The student may also choose some disciplines from the Faculty of Information Technologies and the KBTU Business School as electives. The work load includes 6-7 disciplines per semester, three summer internships and diploma project or around 50-70 hours of studies per week.


The graduates of our program work in many energy companies all over the world. The Faculty is very experienced in their given subjects and we also invite industry professionals for teaching and sharing their experience. There is also Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, which won numerous awards, and which provides an opportunity to our students to learn how to manage a student organization.