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Dear applicants!


The oil and gas industry plays a leading role in the economy of our country. Kazakhstan is included in the list of top countries where large reserves of hydrocarbons are available, developed and produced. Therefore, the oil and gas sector of the country’s economy always needs highly qualified specialists.

The Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry prepares specialists for the educational program “Petroleum Engineering” at three levels of training: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. For the training of specialists, we have a qualified staff of the teaching staff; representatives of industrial enterprises are involved in teaching. The faculty is equipped with laboratories for oil engineering, drilling and drilling and grouting fluids, mechanics and general hydraulics, applied modeling of oil and gas fields using DrillSim 20, Eclipse, Petrel programs. The faculty actively cooperates with many large oil and gas companies of the country, attracts them to assist in the development of curricula for educational programs, organization of student internships, and employment of graduates. Faculty students are active members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

The faculty also provides an opportunity for graduates of APEC PetroTechnic Graduate College to undergo reduced training and receive a bachelor’s degree. The faculty prepares masters for the educational program “Industrial Project Management and Engineering” under an agreement with Agip Karachaganak B.V. and Eni Corporate University S.p.A.

Faculty graduates are always in demand in the labor market and meet the needs of employers in the oil and gas industry.

If you have chosen our educational programs for higher education and as a foundation for your future profession, we believe that you will become a competitive and qualified specialist.

Together with you, we will achieve high achievements in the main mission of the faculty - training personnel with the necessary knowledge and competencies in the oil and gas industry and educating the future generation of the country.


Best regards,

Dean of the Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry

Yerdos Ongarbayev.