1: The Office of the Registrar controls the student registration process and develops the study program.

2: Manages the approval of individual study plans for students.

3: Prepares and maintains academic and personal information about students and Student Registration database.

4: The OR is responsible for the calculation of students’ grade point average (GPA).

5: Provides the university staff with methodological and practical assistance in processing information in the UNINET corporate portal

6: Coordinates and cooperates with the KBTU IT Department on the improvement of the automated system "Registrar's Office".

7: Collects examination grade transcripts during exam periods.

8: Summarizes examination results and prepares reports on examination results, completes relevant result forms to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

9: Keeps records of the student contingent movement

10: Compiles and submits reports (operational and summary form 1-NC, 3-NC) to the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan on the contingent of trainees.

11: Keeps records of freed placement seats on state educational grants.

12: Organizes summer semesters to cover academic gap or differences in the curriculum.

13: Prepares orders for the movement of the student contingent.

14: Provides blank forms for mandatory reporting documents (diploma forms, academic certificates, attachments to diplomas, etc.).

15: Monitors organization of receiving, storing and issuing of state documents (diploma, academic certificates, attachments to diplomas, etc.)