Other Responsibilities

We entertain and carryout requests and tasks that are within authority and sphere of responsibility or the duties assigned to us.

The OR actively participates in relevant meetings, conferences, seminars both inside and outside the university and advises the KBTU leadership on the improvement of the teaching and methodological work of the KBTU divisions. If necessary, initiates and organizes training workshops, working groups concerning issues within the competence of the OR, and participate in other meetings, working groups held at the university on the activities of the OR.

We also work with outside partners and organizations for the realization of KBTU vision, mission and strategic goals.




Nurgaliyeva Akbota Umirzakovna

Head of the Office of the Registrar

Phone +7 (727) 357-42-31 (440)

Email a.nurgalieva@kbtu/kz