Academic Affairs Section:

  • Plans educational and methodological activities in KBTU together with other educational departments
  • Coordinates and controls the timely execution of Academic Calendars. Controls planning and implementation of the teaching load of teachers in accordance with the established standards
  • Keeps the account of the University teaching/lecture rooms and laboratory facilities. Manages allocation of lecture halls and classrooms for study, examinations, office hours, independent work of students. Allocates lecture hall and rooms on special requests for academic or professional activities
  • Develops bachelor studies schedule
  • Cross checks, verifies the calculation of departments’ academic load and the distribution of the teaching and research load
  • Verifies the actual performance of the academic load of the departments. Distributes the lecture halls for conducting Master classes
  • Informs the academic departments about the student registration data in various Corrects, adjusts the registration of students on their requests during the add/drop period
  • Develops bachelor examinations schedule. Allocates lecture halls for conducting state examinations and the work of the specialty-specific State Attestation Commission on specialties