Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar produces, compiles and maintains students’ academic records and progress reports, prepares various documents and acts as a bridge between the University and outside stakeholders, particularly the Ministry of Education and Science, the Republic of Kazakhstan. 



We believe in excellence through efficiency, competence and professionalism and by ensuring timely provision of services.    



Facilitation, organization and delivery of the highest quality academic and professional services, actions and activities.


The activities of the OR are guided by:

  • KBTU Charter, policies and regulations
  • Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • KBTU quality standards and guidelines


Main objectives:

  • Assistance to educational units in the organization of educational and methodical process in KBTU.
  • Facilitating various departments in organizing professional development and career enhancement programs for teaching and non-teaching staff. 
  • Supporting initiatives that help and enhance students’ personal and professional development, provide social and psychological support during their stay at KBTU.
  • Ensure swift and smooth internal and external communication about academic activities, measures, decisions and policies.   


Student Registration 

Academic Affairs Section

Other Responsibilities