The Human Resource Department (HRD) maintains records of the all departments of the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It also ensures the compliance of internal rules and external labor laws and standards.

The Head of the HRD reports to the Rector of the University.  This Department is responsible of the all hiring and placement processes at the KBTU.


Main Responsibilities          

  • Creation of a highly efficient integrated human resource management system at KBTU.
  • Regulation of the full range of personnel issues (staff reception and accounting, staff appraisal, advanced training, personnel reserve creation, etc.) based on legal principles, fairness and effectiveness.
  • Organization of effective personnel documentation support of the KBTU activity in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Kazakhstan and decisions of the KBTU bodies.


Staffing at KBTU is carried out in accordance with the approved staffing table for a particular year and within the allocated salary budget. Hiring process for a vacant position is carried out in case of an employee’s retirement (dismissal, transfer, relocation, etc.), or opening of a new position within the staffing table, or changes to it.

The HRD together with the heads of structural divisions carries out work on the selection of candidates for vacant positions, based on the relevant applications, vacancies and long-term development plans.


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