7th meeting of the Advisory Board of the Kazakh-British Technical University

8th meeting of the Advisory Board of the Kazakh-British Technical University





Introduction of Industry’s Expertise

  • New amendments to the Kazakhstan's Law on Education allow Universities to define the profile of education and its specializations in close cooperation with the industry
  • Through the Advisory Board the KBTU plans to strengthen employers’ role and influence in the strategic development of the University and also for improving the quality of our graduates. We will do so by introducing and incorporating Advisory Board members' recommendation into the academic curriculum and the University's scientific research plans


To assist in the realization of KBTU’s development strategy, as a leading educational, research and innovational country and regional cluster.



  • To strengthen and increase KBTU’s efficiency in co-operation with business
  • To consider and review KBTU’s overall development strategy, as well as separate educational and industrial programs
  • To assist in the establishment of new educational technologies and best world practices
  • To provide recommendations on infrastructural development, dual industry education and internship programs for students
  • To assist teaching staff in know-how technology transfer from industry to education
  • The introduction of modern educational technologies and tools of the best world practices

Transfer of experience and technologies of scientific and commercial activity “idea-science-business”.


Industrial Committees


  • Establishment of close connections and communication channels between the industry and KBTU
  • Offering recommendations, consultations and a general vision in the development of KBTU academic programs
  • Assistance in ensuring the highest level of national and international recognition of University's academic programs
  • Participation in the development of academic programs in new and interdisciplinary areas of regional and national importance
  • Evaluation of the general content of educational programs, as well as general guidance on strengthening the academic programs
  • Support in the provision of highly qualified teachers, practitioners, educational laboratories
  • Conducting screening (testing and interviews) graduate students

KBTU Advisory Board: Member Companies, Industries, Organizations