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The Faculty mission is a complex training of personnel for high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries in the mining and oil and gas industries, that meet the requirements of the modern market and international standards, and that aim at student-centered education: students' empowerment, the development of intellectual and creative potential and critical thinking skills, sharpening  students’ sense of responsibility, the shift of emphasis in the educational process from teaching to active education activities, the teacher-student inter-relationship, innovative teaching methods that encourage learning. The faculty mainly focuses on high quality education, as the main outcome of the educational process.


Goals and Targets

  • Improve the quality of preparation of highly-skilled specialists, in line with the demands of employers. This improvement is to be based on the application of modern educational technologies and a constant review of faculty staff's teaching methods;

  • Ensure that graduates are able to compete globally in an academic sense, as well as on the domestic job market;

  • Ensure that the department's academic and teaching staff expand upon their research activities with the aim of integrating education, science and production;

  • Greater integration within global educational processes means establishing cooperation agreements with leading Western universities with the aim of conducting joint activities aimed at improving the quality of preparation of specialists;

  • Expand our links with employers with the aim of providing greater internship and employment opportunities;

  • Conduct the preparation of specialists in a manner that unites fundamental technical knowledge with a high level of morality, spirituality and patriotism;

  • Assist students in evolving the ability to think geologically, based on an understanding of geological laws, an analysis of the theory of earth science and the barriers to the evolution thereof;

  • Assist students in evolving the ability to think creatively, independently analyze information, complete essential tasks related to scientific research and evolve innovative approaches in the field of earth science;

  • Encourage students to engage in self-improvement by providing them with the necessary skills to independently acquire and process new knowledge;

  • Prepare students for management positions in order to ensure the effective functioning of production;

  • Prepare students for project work in the fields of geology, geophysics and contemporary geological and geophysical methodology with reference to the search for and exploration of mineral deposit fields;

  • Ensure that students evolve skills such as a willingness to engage with innovation, a creative approach to work, erudition, as well as an ability to react to changes in the fields of society, technology and employer demands;

  • Ensure that students understand an engineer's role and responsibility in society, the influence of engineering work on the environment and the importance of a rational use of natural resources;

  • Prepare students to work effectively in a team, both at work as well as on a wider social basis.