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The Faculty of Geology and Exploration

The Faculty of Geology and Exploration prepares qualified, competitive specialists in the field of surveying, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits that respond the requirements of the modern market and international standards.

The Faculty offers an undergraduate postgraduate degrees in ‘Geology and Exploration for Mineral Resources’. Students study under a state grants program and also on paid basis. Students on a commercial basis have the opportunity to receive grants/scholarship from our partner companies. The highly qualified teaching staff trains students using the newest software products and technologies and involve students in scientific research projects.

Advantages of studying at the Faculty of Geology and Exploration

  • KBTU is considered the best university in this field;

  • Highly qualified teaching and professorial staff;

  • Training using active and innovative methods;

  • KBTU graduates are in high demand in international organizations and enterprises;

  • The possibility of finding highly-paid jobs in Kazakhstan and abroad;

  • The possibility of obtaining double degree postgraduate education;

  • Close connection with companies of subsoil users and partnership in training cadre;


Types and areas of professional activity

After graduation, graduates of the specialty 5B070600 – ‘Geology and  Exploration for Mineral Resources’ have the opportunity to continue their education in KBTU, and also to find employment in large international and domestic mining and oil producing companies, in service companies, in research institutes, universities, state supervision bodies for the rational  use and protection of mineral resources. Graduates of the Faculty of Geology and Exploration successfully apply knowledge and skills gained in KBTU in their professional lives and activities such as: search and exploration mineral deposits, reserves calculation, geological mapping and cartography, geological service of mining operations and subsoil use in general, engineering and geological research, they can engage in production and management, educational (pedagogical) and research activities.